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Founded by people with experience...

in Data science and Software Technology. Data Science and Technology come closer ever leveraging speed of computation, power of visualization, deep-dive into business layers for better decisions, descriptive statistics & inferential statistics to predict temporal picture and provide spatial prescription.

Founded by people with experience...

Quantum Physics and Quantum Computation. Quantum physics is taking charge to change the world of computing. Starting from Max Planck’s spectrum, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Hilbert Space/Hamiltonian/Dirac notation till Quantum Entanglement has given birth of Qubit. A giant footprint in the history of computer of near future and on. Founders experience created Spring & River’s capability metrics stronger.



Our Retail solutions are:

1. Tracking of expiry escalation for perishable grocery and deli items through IoT enabled Deep Learning solutions

2. Product promotion & customer segmentation predictive modelling considering expiry and stock-in-hand

3. Promotion planning solution based on recency, frequency, money and in-stock inventory

4. Retail Spend Inflation Analytics and Control Tower

Our Retail Services are:

1. Enterprise support as remote services

2. Customized application development, such as, Deli Kiosk, Food Safety Audit, Shrink Audit, Scan gun application etc.

3. BI solutions as remote boutique services using Tableau/PowerBI at extremely competitive price

4. Cross platform retail mobility solution


Our Healthcare solutions are:

1. Risk of 30-day Hospital Readmission through Deep Learning solutions

2. Non-invasive blood glucose determination using NIR laser, Raman Spectra and deep learning

3. IoT enabled Predictive Modelling of Patient health index

4. Digital Health Companion; an interactive platform for Doctors, Patients and Providers

5. Provider's Brand Value Management using Sentiment Analysis

6. Lifestyle Management System

7. Healthcare Spend Analytics system

8. Post Discharge Patients Care Mobile App

Our Healthcare Services are:

1. Payers or providers support services on-premise as well as remote KTLO (keep-the-lights-on) operational solutions

2. EHR and UB-04 data analysis on-demand services

3. BI solutions as remote boutique services using Tableau/PowerBI at extremely competitive price


1. On-the-field technicians job completion and pricing prediction

2. On-the-field technicians deployment prediction based extended weather forecasting


Data preparation, Data curation, ML Model development & training

Spring & River: CAPABILITIES

Data Science

Spring & River has a pool of data scientists who are efficient in Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithm, building of Cost Function or Fitness Function, Mate, Mutate, Greedy Algorithm etc.

Predictive Analytics

Spring & River has a pool of data scientist who has wide experience on commercial and non-commercial analytics services. Our team has expertise to assess business requirements, and define course of action suitable to use predictive analytics.

Sofware Solutions & Services

Spring & River has a strong team for software development, enhancements and support.Skill span covers from Java/Spring, C#/.NET, Node/Angular, Ionic etc.

Application & Data Integration

Application and Data Integration is a vital component of software lifecycle. Spring & River has deep expertise in integration space, both in application and data level.

BI Services

Spring and River has a strong team of data visualization, databoard report generation and BI services

Quantum Primer

Spring and River has started the journey where Quantum Physicists have joined hand with today’s efficient computer professionals. Quantum Primer is preparatory service offered by Spring & River to other organizations planning to start working on Quantum Computation.

Quantum Premier

Quantum Premier is the step when bridge has been established through Spring & River’s Quantum Primer is completed. Once the bridge through Quantum Primer is achieved, today’s computer professionals who understand binary 0 and 1 to qubits |0> and |1>.



Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a constant need for any business house, and a part of every corporate culture. We, at Spring & River have developed expertise to create appropriate visualization required for different purpose, different domain, different business verticals etc. We use D3 for the visualization purpose. Since to create visualization, we require data from our clients, and client’s data is always vital and not to be shared outside companies, we recommend our clients to share dummy data and their purpose of visualization. We use that as template and send back to the client for them to just feed the real data to get the appropriate visualization. Quick turn around and low cost service is the key success factor of Spring & River.

Discovery Analysis

Before implementation of any solution and platform, if the need is not properly assessed, the solution becomes meaningless. Initiatives taken by organizations to implement new solutions involving 3rd party companies who are experts in those areas are engaged involving spend budget allocated. There are several instances where the implementation is not so successful primarily because of lack of proper analysis of the actual need of the organization. In such cases, the business requirement document alone is not sufficient to start the work or building of solutions around this BRD no matter how the robust process has been followed. Spring & River’s Discovery Analysis is step wise analysis of focussed approach to analyse exact need and then come up with the work blueprint. This can be achieved within a timeframe of 2 weeks to 6 weeks where direct interaction with multiple stakeholders of company is mandatory. 2 to 6 weeks of focussed process driven Discovery Analysis provides an immense RoI to make the implementation exactly as per the need of the organization thus eliminates several uncertainties that could have put the implementation in a wrong path.



Predictive Analytics

Spring & River has a pool of data scientist who has wide experience on commercial and non-commercial analytics services. The journey starts with a small paid Proof of Concept, where we build the model, tune it for better results and publish. If the model is successfully yielding desired predictive and prescriptive outcomes, our client engages us on turn-key arrangements. Different domain we cater Analytics services are Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Environment, Agriculture etc.

Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithm

Spring & River has a pull of data scientists who are efficient in Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithm, building of Cost Function or Fitness Function, Mate, Mutate, Greedy Algorithm etc. Spring & River’s Selection Framework has been created from past experiences where use of appropriate algorithm is decided before start of the project instead of attempting all during the tenure of the project. This helps to reduce execution time (and of course money) with this finalization of appropriate algorithm. This framework also takes care of any possible odd-turns while iterating generations with slow induction of mutation.

Quantum to Qubit

Spring and River focuses deeply on creation of programs that a quantum computer can understand. More importantly, how to handle traditional programs converted to quantum programs using Q#, QFC, QPL or QML etc.


Spring & River has been into Quantum Computation with a team of professionals who are engaged transforming today’s application system into a system that quantum processor can understand. During this time of evolution from traditional computation to quantum processors, we are a part of Q-Transformation community helping each other to move along and be a part of the big game.



Companies who use our services

Companies leverage Spring & River’s capability, experience, and expertise considering us as their Trusted Partner. Our strategy is to understand your challenges well first and then suggest solutions with clear advantages and disadvantages. We expose our limitations first to our valued companies and then start working towards the most appropriate solutions. We grow along with your satisfaction.

Retail maintenance and support services

For US client

Retail custom solutions development

For US client

Analytics container and plug-ins development

For European (Sweden) client

Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Solutions

For US client

Sentiment Analysis

Implementation of our product has helped our Asian client to achieve major goals

Performance Analytics

For Doctors and Providers. Can analyze performance, patient visit forecasting. In use with large multi-specialty hospital in India

Diagnostic Centre Aggregator

Mobile based social networking solution where diagnostic centres participate. This solution has been implemented in city level in India

Patient-Doctor-Providers Network

Incubated. Development in progress. Can we be your trusted partner?


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