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  • Your sales figures are lower than your expectations and repeat sales are not up to the mark. You cannot figure out why. You need to find out root causes and remedial measures
  • Your employee turnover concerns you. You need to find out innovative remedial measures without major impact on cost to company


  • Natural Language Processing: You have a lot of data in textual form. The texts contain qualitative information and opinions, as well as numerical data and tables. The relevant data has to be extracted
  • Data Mining: We use tools and our own code to extract patterns and knowledge from masses of data which were previously unknown



The Consulting Phase

We are consultants. We listen to you and empathize with both your success stories and with your pain points.

Experiment & Execute

The Development Phase

We now have a problem. We have also proposed the solution methodology.

Present & Deliver

The Implementation Phase

We now have the actionable information which will help resolve the problem identified in the consulting.

Texplicit - a knowledge management solution

Texplicit is a B2B AI driven knowledge management solution.

It enables the user to combine knowledge collected from the videos, podcasts, research papers from the web along with the organization’s own internal documents which could include Policy manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Quality methods, legal agreements, etc.

Texplicit search and locate relevant parts from any document at the click of a mouse. It uses NLP and other AI tools to digest and curate the information and with the power of Chat GPT answer any specific queries that the users may have.

Summaries and Highlights obtained using Texplicit can be downloaded in Word or Powerpoint formats for future use.